Ayurveda Health Coaching

60 MINUTES $175

If you are seeking a more natural path to your health issues, Holistic Health Coaching is just for you!

Whether you chose the Ayurveda or Holistic plan you will receive a Wellness Program created just for you. By sustaining Holistic Health in preventative care we will guide your body to a fully balanced state. Sharing the knowledge of my teachers, providing a supportive space to be heard and getting you to look at your health in an exciting new way. We will work together to reach your goals by making comfortable changes in your eating habits, physical activity and stress management approaches.

With our Holistic Health Coach Sessions you will receive:

  • 60-minute sessions w/email and text support.

  • Increase energy levels/better overall health.

  • Improve immune system, digestion and sleep.

  • Discover how research is confirming the link between foods affecting mood and longevity.

  • Self Care tools.

  • Informative literature to enhance your knowledge of health and nutrition.

  • Learn to nurture healthy relationships.

  • Deepening spiritual work with Forest bathing, Meditation and Yoga Nidra.

  • Supportive care for those facing chronic pain & chronic illness.

  • Meal Planning/Recipes/Shopping Lists.

  • Discover the risks of toxic chemicals found in products.

Other areas we may cover:

  • Changes in diet for more energy, better health, weight loss, awareness and working through any sensitivity to foods you may be experiencing.

  • Creating an exercise ritual specially made for you based on your lifestyle and needs.

  • Learning about and receiving resources for Ayurvedic or Alternative options.

  • Discover ways to invoke a peaceful relaxing sanctuary at home, in relationships and at work

  • Find ways to invite Meditation + Yoga into your daily life to help in managing pain, reducing stress and improve overall health.

Our Packages:


  1. Dosha Test/Assessment - What is your true Dosha?, what it means

  2. Understanding Your Dosha - Overview, Basic Information for Healthy foundation

  3. Ayurveda Wellness Plan Mini - Tips on your Dosha, Movement, Lifestyle Food & more

  4. Seasonal Calendar for Your Dosha - 4 Seasons Covered on Your Dosha; Lifestyle tips, Health Habits, Foods to Avoid, Tips to Re~balance the entire body systems for optimal health + more

  5. Restoring Balance For Chronic Pain - Understanding your Dosha’s role, healing tips, self-care, nutrition, lifestyle, food and more

  6. Restoring Balance For Mental/Emotional Health ~ Your Dosha’s role, health tips, nutrition, lifestyle, self-care, asanas just for you, personalized pranayama for your condition.

  Holistic Health

  1. Basic Constitution awareness - Overview, Foundation Tips

  2. Implementing a Holistic Lifestyle ~ Deeper knowledge of Holistic health, Lifestyle for a balanced body and healthy tips/exploration and always opportunity to ask me questions.

  3. Holistic Wellness Plan - Diet, Nutrition knowledge, Exercise, Seasonal Tips, Self-care routines, Recipe share and more

  4. Holistic Health Support + Referral ~ Support for Chronic or Acute conditions affecting Physical, Emotional and Mental Health with excellent referrals of other Holistic Practitioners for more specialized or specific care for those in our community who work from a Holistic model. 

For appointments:

Please email us directly at info@peruvianlilyyoga.com or click the link below!